What Does A Housekeeper Do?

A housekeeper, also known as a maid, is someone responsible for the care and supervision of the cleaning team of a home. The housekeeper will also do the general cleaning chores for the entire home, besides those mentioned by the owner. Most housekeepers are paid on an hourly basis and are hired to clean the rooms, wash the dishes, dust the cobwebs, and so on. A housekeeper is someone who is typically female (although that may vary from time to time), young (in terms of age), and of average or even slightly above average physical fitness. Usually, the qualifications required for a housekeeper are fluency in both English and some other language, good memory, reliability, and a caring, compassionate attitude.

Today, many families have both a male and female housekeeper. Male housekeepers usually work in the kitchen, while female housekeepers may take care of the laundry, dusting, and cleaning the bathroom. In some cases, a housekeeper will be assigned specific cleaning tasks to accomplish, depending on the owner’s wishes.

One of the general duties of a housekeeper is general cleaning. This means that she cleans the entire house, cleans the floors, cleans the windows, cleans the bathtubs and showers, dusts the furniture, and cleans the kitchen. Vacuuming is one of her general duties, as she will vacuum the carpet, dust the cupboards and shelves, and empty the dishwasher and sink. She may change a light bulb or hang up a piece of clothing for straightening out the closet.

Some housekeepers also specialize in particular duties. For example, a housekeeper might concentrate on the bedroom, cooking, sewing, or studying. She cleans частни домоуправители София the linen closet, cleans the dining room, and cleans the windows. She might even spend a little extra time fixing up the house so it is presentable for visitors.

Most housekeepers have at least a high school diploma. However, there are some housekeepers who only have high school diploma or its equivalent. They usually work in daycares or private homes. The daycare or private homes do not usually pay on a daily basis, but they may occasionally give small tips to their housekeepers for their help during the week.

Housekeeping is a thankless job. Many housekeepers live off minimum wage or low. Some housekeepers have to turn down food from their own tables to pay for the food they eat. A housekeeper’s responsibilities are endless. Luckily, housekeeping personnel are plentiful, and housekeeping tasks are generally easy to perform, paying small wages that most housewives and mothers can handle.

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