Does Cherry Juice Really Help Gout and Arthritis Pain?

The question many joint pain suffers are asking is does tart cherry juice reduces joint pain caused by gout and arthritis? Will this natural product help to reduce pain with less side effects than prescription drugs. Let’s look at the published research dating back to the 1950’s to begin our examination of the tart cherry.

Tart Cherries Are Sweet for Blood Vessel Health | I Spy Physiology Blog

In the 1950’s the results of study reported that Ludwig Blau indicated that Mr. Blau was able to get up out of his wheelchair and walk again due to eating cherries. According to the published results, Ludwig Blau’s pain was due to gout and he was unable to leave his wheelchair, however after eating tart cherries he was able to walk again.

A more recent study from Michigan State University published in 1999 points to the naturally occurring Anthocyanins of the tart cherry. This tiny fruit is one of the leading sources of Anthocyanins and the study indicated the Anthocyanins in the cherry are natural Cox inhibitors. In addition, these Anthocyanins help to protect the lining of the stomach to reduce stomach related issues unlike some prescription arthritis drugs. So the cherry is a natural inhibitor and protects the stomach, this a win-win for pain suffers trái cherry.

Also, according to the Arthritis Foundation, drinking three glasses of tart cherry juice per day may help some people with arthritis. This is a very influential and research based organization so this information bodes well for the cherry and arthritis pain. So if you are looking a way to reduce joint pain naturally consider cherry juice. However, according to some people I talked with while researching this article indicated that drinking cherry juice everyday may be difficult for many. This reason is cherry juice needs to be refrigerated and it is difficult to take while traveling.

I discovered that tart cherry capsules are also available. In fact, according the Ralph Oakes, a manager of a local health store in Indianapolis, Indiana, the tart cherry capsules deliver more antioxidant then the cherry juice. According to Mr. Oakes, “The tart cherry capsules provide not only the pulp of the cherry, but the skin as well. Most of antioxidants of fruit is found in the skin, so I recommend my customers to take the capsules over the juice for both convenient and getting the skin.” One company he recommends for cherry-based products is Traverse Bay Farms. They offer a complete line of cherry products including cherry juice, cherry capsules and dried cherries.

So the next time you are looking a natural way to fight joint pain, consider drinking a glass of cherry juice or taking some cherry capsules, your joints will thank you.

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