What to Look For in Skincare Products

You can get the most out of your skincare products when you apply them from lightest to the heaviest texture first. Always start with a water-based moisturizing cleanser, followed by a light toner and moisturizer to help keep your skin looking young and fresh. Your face will feel moisturized and cleansed, without becoming weighed down! Then apply a light pore cleansing mask or cream to remove make up, dust, and grime, and use a hydrating night cream to revive your skin tone. For the evening time skin care routine, use a lightweight moisturizer that won’t weigh your skin down, such as one containing vitamin E.

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You can choose to keep your eye cream or facial moisturizer on all day long as part of your daily skincare products routine. During the day, remove your facial moisturizers or eye creams at bedtime, apply a hydrating mask, and once again apply a night cream before going to sleep. Doing this twice a day, you will maintain the moisture that you have in your skin all day long, even through the night.

When selecting skincare products, it is always wise to go for natural, organic ingredients. These are much safer to use, won’t irritate your skin, and generally heal more quickly than chemicals. Never buy skincare products with harsh chemicals as they will do more harm than good. Natural skincare products are usually made with plant oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, and even fish oils that contain omega 3 fatty acids to protect the skin from damaging pollutants https://skinary.vn/kem-duong-am-cho-da-kho/.

Skincare products should never contain alcohol or petroleum based moisturizers. This will strip away the natural oils that keep your skin supple and hydrated. Instead, look for a toner, serum, or cream that contains glycolic acid, witch hazel, alpha lipoic acid, or retinol. Glycolic acid can be found in gels, lotions, and serums while witch hazel and retinol can be found in facial creams and eye serums.

To eliminate dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells using gentle scrubs or loofahs. Exfoliating does not have to be done on a daily basis. For those suffering from chronic acne, occasional exfoliation is enough to help control oil build-up. Some people exfoliate every day, but for those suffering from chronic problems, it is best to exfoliate every other day to prevent breaking out. For those suffering from dry skin, once a week facial cleaning is sufficient.

When you are choosing your skincare products, pay close attention to the ingredients listed above and on the back of the packaging. The more natural and less toxic ingredients you see, the better off you are. If you choose a product that is full of chemicals, then your skin is more likely to become irritated and inflamed. Remember to always read the label on the skincare product you are considering purchasing.

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