Why India Sourcing May Make Sense For You

“Asian American Sourcing Association, and AASA partnerships are a global sourcing association and trading organization for global and international manufacturing in metal, wood and a whole variety of offshore sourcing resources. Under one roof we provide everything you need to get your new product on the market. We specialize in assisting new companies to introduce their product into the consumer marketplace by providing a full package. Many of our clients have little to no experience with international manufacturing or even outsourcing in general, so our team can assist with anything from product design and prototyping to manufacturing overseas.

Be your product sourcing agent in india by Gagauravsharma

“ASEAN Sourcing Association is an excellent source of companies looking to expand into India. The Association helps them develop their sourcing base in India, while assisting them in building relationships with third-party producers in India who can fill their production requirements. These third-party producers are primarily located in India, but our members can find manufacturers in China, Malaysia, and Vietnam India Sourcing Agent. Our sourcing network is made up of members from every corner of the earth and this allows us the opportunity to meet with any and all manufacturers in any of these nations.

“AEAN sourcing company in India has helped many companies to expand into India, but only if they call us first! India is not just another country – it’s a different civilization with different business practices. Before our associates can start working with any manufacturer in India, they need to know exactly what our policies are. It is critical for them to be able to know exactly what we expect from them. In the past, our associates in India only called us when they needed a contract manufacturer, but now they are calling regularly to schedule meetings, discuss new projects, or renegotiate their existing contracts with Indian manufacturers.

“AEAN sourcing company in India is not just a one-stop solution. It is actually a four-way process. First, we help our members find a suitable contract manufacturer in India. Once the contract manufacturer has been found, we help our members train the outsourcing staff at the factory. We also train the manufacturing staff at the destination factories, so that they can serve our clients better.”

“AEAN sourcing in India offers several benefits. One is that it opens up a lot of options for us, since our network is much larger than before. Secondly, it gives us access to more metal factories in India than before, and thirdly, it enables us to serve more local markets by using our own distribution networks. By using these new channels, we are able to reduce our cost of manufacturing and increasing our profit margin.”

“AEAN sourcing is very convenient. For our American customers, we can even offer them freight forwarding. With this service, our associates have the freedom to accept orders any place in the world where an authorized distributor is available. That means that when you get started now call us and we’ll be there.”

“AEAN provides our American clients many advantages. We can get started and make sure that we’re always on time. There’s no need for you to wait for an order to come in, because we already have it. If we have to, we’ll take care of that as well.

“AEAN has helped a lot of small and medium-sized companies become successful in the Indian metals sector. That’s why we continue to work with them. If you want to get started now, talk to any of our representatives and we’ll be there waiting. The rule is simple: if you’re ready, we’ll be there.”

“AEAN brings a lot of benefits to our clients. First, they don’t have to set up an operations infrastructure. They just have to invest in labor and infrastructure costs. Second, they can partner with any of our member companies and get started immediately. That gives them more flexibility than setting up a joint venture with anyone. And third, their main distributors are based in India, so no worries about quality control or supply chain issues.

“AEAN also works closely with other national companies. That’s why we can offer more value and lower prices for our customers. It also means that we have access to rare metals, which India lacks. For example, palladium is very valuable, but India only sources nickel. When you get an India sourcing account, you can get access to other rare elements as well.”

So what do you think? Is India the right place to get started in the metals sector? India is a country with tremendous opportunity for people with an IT degree. But remember, all of India’s mining assets belong to India. So India has sourcing does make sense…but do you really want all of India to benefit from your mining investments?

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