Fashion Rules For Men to Live By

Who says fashion is only for women? Men nowadays definitely are not spared from this culture that has been made popular with, in the beginning, women in mind. It is now common for men to ask questions like how to go about matching their socks with their trousers, how to choose the right shirt colors, how to accessorize for a formal party, and the likes black lives matter t-shirt.

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Shoes and belts are things that men find very important on their get up. Remember to always match your belt with your shoes. This keeps things simple and on the right track. Opting for the traditional colors such as dark brown, black, or a rich tan is best when buying these items. Colors that are not on this line may prove hard to match, and should be avoided. If you wear suspenders, don’t bother for a belt; just wear one of them at a time. This is an “either or” situation. If you find yourself needing to wear sneakers everyday, a belt made of fabric or something equally casual usually goes well with jeans. Never have dress belts paired with your jeans or sneakers. That is not a good look no matter who you are.

Ties and shirts are also items that should be matched. Solid-colored shirts with a tie of the same color were the trend for sometime. Today, it can be considered a somewhat dated look. Ties are a great way to express your self, so why not experiment with the colors and designs? You can never go wrong with plaids and subtle patterns, diagonal stripes, and modern polka-dots, but keeping it tasteful is your best bet. Bear in mind that your tie should compliment your shirt or suit; novelty ties are short-lived, so try not to invest to heavily in them.

Trousers and socks should definitely match when worn together. For trousers, you can either go for the flat-front type or the pleated variety. Many find flat-front trousers better than pleats. Though pleats can make you look less slim, flat-fronts have a better tendency to fit you. If you want more room when wearing flat-fronts, buy a pair that is a little bigger and have it brought in at the waist. This can be done in fine retailers or with independent tailors. Your socks, regardless of what kind of trouser you are wearing, should be complementary in color. They need not be in the exact same shade, though, unless you are wearing black (always match your blacks!).

Watches and other jewelry are important accessories for men. Invest in a good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste. For your jewelry, it is best to stick to the basics, like something with gold or silver. They can easily be matched with your whole wardrobe. If you can afford to purchase several of these items (even in today’s economy) try to mix things up. Keep different styles ready and be sure to wear the pieces appropriate to what you are wearing and to how formal the event you are going to is. For jewelry, try out mens cufflinks. They can add elegance and sophistication to your final look. These items are available in basic designs and in different styles. Mens Cufflinks are good investments as they rarely ever go out of style.

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