Anti Aging Secrets: The Great Benefits of Jojoba Oil For the Skin

Let’s face it, we need to be more careful when choosing the cosmetics we apply to our skin. One thing you should strongly consider doing is making the switch to natural skin care products. I’m talking about creams and lotions that are made strictly with organic and all-natural ingredients. This article discusses the great benefits of jojoba oil for the skin and why it should be a primary ingredient in the skin products you use on a daily basis. Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose, Pure Cold Pressed Natural Unrefined  Moisturizer for Skin Hair Body and Nails 4 oz: Health & Personal Care

In today’s skin care industry, way to many products are made with ingredients that have no business being applied to the skin. I’m sure you’ve heard some of the talk about how we come into contact with WAY too many toxins and synthetic chemicals now days. Well, skin care products are a big contributor of this problem!

For example, mineral oils are often used as a moisturizer in cheaper skin care products. What most consumers don’t know is that they are byproducts of petroleum that clog the pores, making it difficult for the body to eliminate harmful toxins. Oh, and they also strip away your skin’s natural acid mantle, and even cause chapping and dryness! (Yes, that’s right. I did said they were used as moisturizers….)

I decided a long time ago to be more careful when choosing the skin creams, gels, and lotions I apply to my skin. This meant finding new skin treatments made with all-natural ingredients that are both safe and beneficial on the skin chebe powder.

One ingredient that I’ve found to be great is jojoba oil. Now jojoba oil is a real moisturizer! It’s actually been used for hundreds of years for it’s great healing and anti-aging properties. Chemically, it’s very similar to the natural oils produced by your skin, which is called sebum. This makes it a very compatible and easily accepted ingredient in skin care products. It’s great for reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, and even marks left from scars.

Personally, I have oily skin. One of the best benefits of jojoba oil is that it helps to regulate the skin’s natural oil (or sebum) production. Since I’ve been using skin care products with this ingredient (among others), my skin has been much less oily. And if you have dry skin, it’ll help increase sebum production to a more healthier level.

Make no mistake about it, there’s no reason to keep buying the same cheap skin care products you find at your local drug store anymore. Trust me, they are causing more harm than help for your skin!

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