Worst Parents Gifts Merchandise Gifts – What You Need to Know

The worst parents of the year definitely made this list this year as the Parents 4 You Gift Box was released. As parents, we are all exhausted from all that parenting we have to do each and every year. This gift is a perfect way to express our gratitude and love for our parents by giving the best of everything they deserve.

These Parents Gave Their Kids Horrible Gifts for Christmas ... on Video.  It's SO Funny. And So Wrong. But, Mostly SO FUNNY.

When the gifts arrived, we all were shocked at how thoughtful our parents were being this year. There were many wonderful items in the gift box; from personalized picture frames to whimsical T-shirts with the kids’ names and birthdays printed on the T-shirt. And when we opened the pack of worst parents gifts & merchandise, we found that there were not only some great gifts but also some great parents to be gifts we certainly needed.

In fact, one of the worst parents gifts & merchandise we received was an “I am angry with my parents” T-shirt. The shirt bore the words “My parents are mean; I am furious with my parents!” and was emblazoned with a red “X”. The shirt was very funny because it made us laugh, and for parents who don’t understand the feeling of anger when their child confronts them about something that they didn’t like, they will definitely get a kick out of seeing someone’s angry reaction funny coffee mugs. There were several other funny items in the gift box as well.

Another funny gift was a calendar & schedule with the parents’ names and birthdays displayed on the calendar page along with the word “IMMERSE”. Yes, they totally immerse the parents into the year! Another fun gift we received was a bottle opener with the same couple of words on the label: “WERTY”. Now we know how stubborn our parents can be. We certainly can’t wait to get to work!

Of course, perhaps the worst parents gifts & merchandise we got were a calendar & schedule with an “Amen” message written on the cover. Again, we were laughing so hard when we saw it. What parent in their right mind could possibly look at a calendar & schedule and think to themselves “I am going to have some fun with this”! For our second Christmas as parents, our son actually made us start looking for the best gifts so we could get gifts that would make parents proud. The funny thing is, our parents were even more proud when they saw the gifts we received!

The lesson? Always remember the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not for gifts! It’s about making parents happy and letting them know that you love them, and above all else, sending them off with a smile on your face knowing that they are appreciated!

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