The Fushigi Ball and How It Works

Did you know that this phrase “fushigi ball how it works” gets used as a search term in Google several thousand times a month? Well to be more precise, over 8,000 times per month! This fact certainly demonstrates the amount of interest in the Fushigi Ball by consumers, especially those shopping for something new and exciting for their children and often themselves as well. Even at live events, this question “How does a Fushigi Ball work?” is perhaps the most asked question once people have seen a demonstration either in person or in one of the many online videos promoting this product.

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Typically viewers are in awe as they see the ball appear to be floating. In fact many people originally thought that the Fushigi Ball was some type of “anti-gravity” ball that had the power to simply float in the air!

Visiting a number of review sites as part of the research into this article, I was amazed at the number of consumers who actually believed that the Fushigi Ball was capable of defying the laws of gravity and were extremely upset and claimed to have been “ripped off” when it arrived and did not float out of the box!

As previously mentioned, the concept or belief that the ball is floating or defying gravity is actually due to the power of an optical illusion created by the contact juggler. In other words, what you are seeing is not really happening 메이저파워볼사이트.

The same set of principles of normal juggling still apply as the person juggling is making use of what is known as “fast hand eye dexterity” to create the illusion that he/she is doing something considered to be impossible. The design of the Fushigi Ball enhances the juggler’s ability to create this illusion.

Starting with the reflective design of the ball itself, it ensures that a consistent supply of light is being bounced inside and out of the 2 ball layers. The first layer or inner ball captures the outgoing projection of the outer ball layer so this gives the illusion that the viewer is seeing “inside” the ball, yet there is still a clear coating around it which cannot be seen through and appears like normal glass. Now include the second layer and this is where “the magic” happens.

Your eyes absorb not one, but two patterns of light. The first pattern originating from the internal refractive glass makes the eye think it is looking at a normal reflection, as that from a normal mirror. The second light pattern coming from the exterior glass fools your eye into thinking that the reflection coming from the interior glass has created a space, instead of a second layer, so the “magical ball” appears to be floating on air, when in reality the image is originating from the second exterior shell.

If you find the above explanation of the “fushigi ball and how it works” confusing, don’t worry, so did I. Only after re-reading it several times did it start to make some sense. Perhaps it is simply easier and more fun to ignore the optical dynamics behind why the magic ball works the way it does and focus more on being able to create these illusions yourself!

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