Exercises For The Abdominal Belt

The abdominal ones play a crucial role on several levels:

The abdominal ones maintain the bodies being inside the abdomen and of the rib cage, has to know the intestines, the stomach, the liver, spleen, the pancreas, the bladder and for the women: ovaries and the uterus.

Behaviour And Posture: abdominal tonics play a part of support, they take part to maintain the muscles of the back and contribute to the support the spinal column.

Not connection between the top and the bottom of the body, the abs contribute to the whole of the movements of the body: movements of the arms, the legs, the trunk. The abdominal ones intervene in all the daily gestures like being raised, turning, to lean, carry an object, etc.

Look: the abdominal ones contribute to the general pace of the body, they mark the top of the bottom of the body. Tonic abs ensure a mean size and a flat belly.

I give you here some exercises which well executes will help you has to reinforce your strap abdominal.

Sitted Crunch

For this exercise you need a right bench, sit on the banns, the quite right back, the two slightly bent arms, the hands holding the edge of the bench.

1- Raise your legs while placing your thighs to the horizontal one.

2- Blow by going up the thighs, the movement is short but effective.

3- Inspire while returning to the starting position.

Statement Of Bust, Arms Tended

1- Lengthen on the ground, fold your legs and place your  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic  feet under a support, arms tended forwards.

2- Bring back your shoulders in direction of your legs.

3- The movement is long and must raise the whole of your bust, but keep however the bottom of the back stuck on the ground.

4- Blow by carrying out the movement, inspire while returning to the initial position.

Statement Of Legs, Suspended Body

1- Suspend by the arms on a stick of gym transverse.

2- Preserve the quite right back and go up your legs.

3- Blow while going up, inspire while going down.

Rotation Of The Basin, Legs Folded

1- Lengthen on the ground, draw aside the arms and fold the legs, feet on the ground.

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