RealMe 5 Pro Smartphones With Intuitive Ui Features

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Realme 5 Pro Review: Best Camera Phone You Can Buy On A Budget - Tech

The real 5 who has a lot of advanced features and is one among the latest handsets available. It’s equipped with a large LCD display and comes loaded with plenty of features. This handset is capable of playing audio clips as well as movies. Also, it has a high resolution screen and a microSD slot which can be used for data storage. There’s a connectivity panel that offers various connectivity options like Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and USB.

Apart, from its amazing looks, the realme 5 who is endowed with some handy tools which allow you to work smarter. It’s an ideal companion when it comes to business applications as it has a complete database of maps, restaurants, ATM locations, bus stops and railway stations, which you can use in your day to day life. The advanced GPS technology helps you plan your trip ahead of time. Also, you can directly dial any number as well as use the voice mail in this handset realme 5 pro.

This amazing smartphone has a lot of value-added features which make it different. It comes with a large LCD touch screen, a very attractive camera, microSD slot for extra memory, a huge memory card which supports expandable memory, a high definition camera with OIS and DVR camcorder facility, an ambient light sensor and a vibrate alert. Moreover, you can also get RealTalk Plus which gives you free talk time on your network. You can also get hold of RealTalk Voice which gives you interactive voice response features. With this, you can even talk to any person using your 3G connection. However, this particular feature works only on some of the SIM cards of this handset.

For this reason, the realme of expert team has worked hard to design the RealMe 5 are such that it fits perfectly to the form of your hand. In spite of having a stunning physical appearance, it is light in weight. The phone has an elegant design and a user-friendly interface, which makes it even more exciting to use. The phone has an icing on its cake feature which is its support for most of the android applications which are available in the market today.

It can be easily understood that the RealMe 5 pro is designed with great usability in mind. The device comes with several key features which make it stand out among other similar phones available in the market. These features include: premium metal unibody construction, multi-functional keys, advanced dual screen system, intuitive multi-functional keys, elegant design, beautiful interface, quick launch keyboard, efficient GPS navigation and many others. You will surely love it once you start using it. It is a phone that fulfills all your personal requirements and fulfills the purpose of your mobile life with great efficiency and effectiveness.

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