Butt Implants – Liposuction – Thread Lifts – Ideal Solutions or Surgeries to Avoid?

Plastic surgery–like any other surgery has inherent risks, no matter what type of surgery that you are having. Just as in necessary surgery, elective surgery comes with some important risks that you should know about. The difference is that with an elective surgery, you have the option to say no. I think it’s just wise to exercise that option and look for alternatives to risky and costly butt implants.

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Thanks, in part to the media–television and movies–society today has been literally bewitched into the notion that plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is a cure-all for the process of aging. In fact, the anti-aging sentiment that is rampant in the world has become nothing less than ridiculous, as those who are over a given age are treated less respectfully and rewarded with fewer appearances in movies and television, regardless of their fitness for the project ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

Aesthetically, older bodies or bodies which are less than perfect are not touted as worthwhile, leading us to dangerous situations and surgeries that are designed to somehow make us more worthwhile or more perfect. Cosmetic surgery is a perfect example of being led by media and society into feelings of inadequacy which impel us toward dangerous surgeries. Many women in studies admit to actually having fantasies about cosmetic surgery in order to perfect a “flawed” component of their body, such as their breasts, their face, or the buttocks.

In fact, so greatly are plastic surgeries such as liposuction or butt implants touted, the media today has gone so far as to pull celebrity photos and use them to facilitate further spending on plastic surgeries which may be dangerous and even deadly.

One very recent ad for plastic surgery and liposuction uses the very lovely and slender Duchess of Cambridge-Kate Middleton- as the hook which will compel women to get that liposuction. The ad urges those reading it to “Get a waist like Kate.” The advertising is one way that plastic surgeons are making the surgeries which have risks seem easy and fast ways to get the flawless looks of Kate Middleton or others. Physicians themselves are decrying these ridiculous tactics and commenting on the risks involved in listening to advertising such as this for things like butt implants.

Dr. Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, calls the ad “a classic example of over-promising and under-delivering that leads to dissatisfied cosmetic surgery patients.”

Famed physician Dr Oz offers his own cautions against certain procedures which are cosmetic in nature. Dr Oz asked his listeners which of the following plastic surgeries should be avoided at all costs and his response was butt implants. To reiterate that he related a story about a person that he had met in the hospital. Her daughter had received a Butt Implant, and the material they injected went into her vein and up into her lung. She was in the ICU with an embolism and was not expected to live. That story is haunting enough that people are beginning to notice.

Another very tragic incident which highlights the dangers inherent in plastic surgery is the death of very famed author Olivia Goldsmith who died from the complications of her anesthetic before her plastic surgery even began.

In actuality there are other ways in which to arrive at firmer skin and many of them are much safer and easier to use; not to mention far more cost effective than hazardous surgical procedures. One newer method which seems to be offering some promise is a cream that offers women who are considering butt implants the means to use a non-invasive cream instead of having the more invasive butt transplants done.

The creams offer collagen and elastin, which quite literally are a facelift–or buttlift as it were–in a jar. They can firm up the tissue and the skin, offering you a better looking backside, if that’s the goal that you’re aiming at, and allowing you to get some admittedly lower impact changes, but to avoid all of the risks that are involved in injecting chemical substances into your buttocks.

Most of these creams are not going to offer you a very dramatic result without some accompanying exercise which in and of itself is designed to do the changes to the buttocks. Using the creams will offer you firmer skin and a more taut buttocks area, but using the creams in combination with the exercises will allow the underlying muscle to also become far more firm and will naturally lift the buttocks and assist you in getting that firmer buttocks area that you’re looking for.

If you’re willing to forego the more dangerous surgery and actually put some effort into getting the firmer, more taut body that you want, you can quite likely use the creams in combination with the exercise regimen and achieve a better look and feel for your butt as well as avoid the butt implants. Along the way, the physical activity will enhance other areas of your body as well as your overall physical fitness. The answer is that using creams for your buttocks may not always enhance it to the level that you want it enhanced. The exercise will assist you greatly in getting the look to your bottom that you want, but there is no magic pill that will give you that perfectly sculpted buttocks that you may be looking for.

That panacea is not found in plastic surgery any more than it may be found inside the cream or the herbal pills that you will find on the market. The key is to become involved more in your own fitness and to realize that there are no magical anti aging processes, up to and including cosmetic surgery, and even exercise. You’ll stay fitter, more trim and avoid risky surgeries by the use of creams and exercises, but you will, in the end, still grow older.

There’s a lot to be said for aging gracefully and there’s a great deal to be said for aging at all. In fact, the alternative to aging is an early death, which is what you just may net if you opt in for some of the more risky and unnecessary surgical procedures.

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