Choosing Between Private Label False Eyelashes and Stock Mascara

Finding Guide For Private Label False Eyelashes can make the world of difference to your future sales. Find amazing new cosmetic product ideas, up your existing sourcing list and source cheap wholesale & discount wholesale products from China. Whether it be the next big makeup trend or a completely new eyelash colour, you need a jump start on your new products. Using a private label is one of the quickest way to make your product and business name known in the cosmetics industry. There are so many different types of false eyelashes available to choose from, but most are mass produced and can be had for pennies on the dollar compared to those that are custom made.

You can find all types of private label false eyelashes available from salons, spas, salons, online stores and more. When you decide to make your own lashes, you will need to find a supplier that will sell you the pre-strung lashes and the packaging. Once you have these items it’s easy to source your own fake lashes. Just like any other business, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this, but with the right supplier you can be sure that quality will be delivered.

There are many different ways to create your private label false eyelashes. The easiest would be to buy lashes and then apply them yourself. If you have never done this before then it is best to practice on a small area. This method is best used when you already have the supplies on hand and the false eyelashes are all ready to go. For those who don’t have the time to make their own lashes, or just hate doing it, then the next step up in manufacturing is to purchase mink lashes. Mink lashes are very soft, durable and very long lasting.

Mink and silk false eyelashes are often sold together to save customers some money. Mink is a natural fibre and this means it doesn’t irritate the eyes. Silk on the other hand, is made from the hair of silk swans and is very strong. Mink and silk false eyelashes are often packaged in a plastic sleeve and secured by the use of clasps and pumps. There are several different packaging options for mink, but the most popular are:

Flare: A very popular type of private label lash is the flare lash. These false eyelashes come in either metal or plastic packaging with one or two lashes placed at the centre. These are often used as a liner for the eyes. Another type of flare lash is the random false eyelashes that don’t look like any of the other lashes. These are usually cut from different colored hair and blended together to create a look that is unique to each buyer.

Mink and Silk: Mink and silk false eyelashes have their own advantages over the alternative. For one, mink lashes can be machine washed to the alternative can sometimes require a few special instructions. This can also ensure that the lashes last longer. Silk mink lashes can sometimes be dyed, although it is recommended not to do this because of the risk of color transfer. Mink and silk lashes are more comfortable to wear and therefore can last longer.

Price: Mink and silk eyelash pricing is determined by the number of lashes and the type of packaging chosen. For example, full strip lashes are usually more expensive than a few individual lashes. Private labeling services generally quote a base price rather than a minimum order. However, some companies may quote a minimum order but then offer to add on any extra lash color, eye liner or mascara in their private packaging services for an additional fee. So, it is always best to contact several private label eyelash manufacturers and compare their prices before deciding on which to order.

There are other types of false eyelash extensions available such as; mink, human hair and synthetic lashes. All three of these types are suitable for individuals who want to enhance their eyes, lips and eyebrows. Synthetic lashes are the most popular due to their affordable price and longer lasting nature. Human hair lashes are very similar to mink lashes in feel but may cost more due to the fact that they are easier to dye. Mink and human hair extensions can also be easily styled and curled.

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