Funginix Vs Zetaclear – A Comparative Review of Two Popular Nail Fungus Treatments

Today the over the counter market is crowded with a multitude of products formulated for treating nail fungus with all of them claiming to be the best or most effective. One debate between two such products, Funginix vs. Zetaclear, which have become rather popular amongst consumers, is especially worth noting due to numerous reports of favorable results using either brand.

Although the name Funginix is new, the actual product is not as it was previously sold under the name Fungisil and during that time, thousands of people said they have used it for successfully treating their nail fungus. And Zetaclear has been on the market even longer than Fungisil or Funginix and has become incredibly popular since then with countless reviews and testimonials touting its effectiveness.

But, with both products sharing relatively equal amounts of praise from consumers, how can one sort out contradicting reports regarding their relative effectiveness and ultimately know which one will work best for them?

Funginix – A New Name for an Established Treatment

Made by The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, a reputable company active in the field of treating nail fungus as well as skin care and beauty products, Funginix, was first released under the name Fungisil in July of 2008. This over the counter product designed Fungus Clear for treating nail fungus was rebranded under the name Funginix in May 2010 although the ingredients remain unchanged.

Our extensive research along with comprehensive tests on Funginix and consumer reviews concludes that the product is one of the leading treatments for nail fungus and many are recommending it as their preferred treatment of choice. In our tests, 36% of people reported seeing an improvement in their nail fungus after two weeks and within six to 12 weeks, more than 80% reported clear, shiny nails. Within three to six months, most of those suffering from more severe cases of toenail fungus said their nails were finally clear.

Funginix, which contains no harsh chemicals and causes no side effects, is very easy to apply with the included brush applicator and contains known natural anti-fungal agents blended together in therapeutic dosages for the maximum effectiveness. Some ingredients within Funginix include clove, jasmine, lavender, rose hip, sweet almond, and tea tree oils, all used in specific amounts, along with vitamin E, bearberry extract, camphor, cocoa seed butter, and menthol.

The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation offers a 60 day money-back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with their product for any reason along with delivering unrivaled customer service making Funginix definitely a viable option to consider for treating nail fungus.

Zetaclear – A Leading Treatment for Nail Fungus Since 2007

First released in September of 2007, Zetaclear is a topical treatment guaranteed by Health Buy, a company listed in the Natural Product Association and creator of more than 80 alternative medicines, to treat unsightly nail fungus.

In addition to many reviews recommending it as the number one treatment for nail fungus, one of our own recent studies on this homeopathic treatment concludes that Zetaclear is indeed one of the most effective means of eradicating toenail fungus, and like Funginix, the company boasts consumer satisfaction rates of more than 80%.

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