Busy Moms And Weight Loss Tips

Busy Moms and Weight Loss is Possible

If you’re a busy mom and weight loss does not come easy to you I want you to know you are not alone. There are millions of moms all over the world who struggle with losing weight. Moms are looking for weight loss tips that are simple and fit into their schedules.

Have you tried those crazy weight loss diets that focus on manipulation of the body instead of educating the body the right way to lose weight? Are you tired of feeling out of energy? Are you depressed because you don’t have that strong confident “I can do anything” because every time you see yourself you’re embarrassed?

Every time you try on clothes do you tear up because you have to go shopping for a bigger size? Are you lacking support from friends and family because they only see you as you are now? They don’t see you on the inside as a woman screaming out for help because you are tired of being overweight and out of shape.

As a mom the demands never stop. The kids always need you and the spouse or significant other is always in need of something and you being the supportive mom and wife you give all of yourself for your family. Let’s face it busy moms and weight loss don’t go together because most weight loss tips for busy moms don’t fit the needs of their schedule.

I know it did not fit mine. At some point though there is a breaking point where enough has to be enough. Are you at the breaking point where you feel no matter what you do you just cannot lose the weight? I have great news for you. “You Can Do This” It is possible to lose the weight and keep it off.

You have to understand up front you can lose the weight but it will take some effort and some self-discipline. You have to take an honest look at yourself and make a decision that it’s time for a change. A lot of people will say what they want but they don’t want to take the action.

The first step is to make a commitment to yourself to lose the weight. Write your commitment down and post it somewhere where you have to see it every day. Next it is time to adjust your mindset. The way you think is the way you will execute.

Instead of thinking like this: “Why can’t I lose the weight” think like this: “I am going to lose the weight” the power of suggestion will help to change the way you biotox reviewa think. When the brain thinks the body responds. Small steps will lead to huge milestones.

Remember to focus on the simple things like healthy choices, good eating habits, and physical activity that gets the heart rate up for 30 minutes a day. Find someone to hold you accountable. It has been proven that you have a higher success rate of reaching your goals when you do it with others. The magic number is three. Find three people to team up with you and lose weight.

Stop making excuses. This was a hard one for me. As busy moms we use “being busy” as an excuse to not lose the weight. Stop it right now! Jim Rohn had a great saying “Excuses are well made up lies and actions create results.

This was my wake up call. You have to realize that all the excuses in the world will not get you anywhere. It is when we initiate action that we begin to see the results we want to see.

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