Making the Most of Owning Multiple Domain Names – From an SEO Point of View

Domain names are often considered something of a catch if you land the perfect keyworded url or one that you have been waiting for, for ages. Many webmasters make the mistake of buying up hundreds of domain names and never use them correctly, as sometimes people think just owning loads of domain names will help you to rank highly in the search engines..

Choose Carefully – Choose your domain carefully. Buying domain names for the sake of it is pointless; you need to make sure that they have some relevance to what you are doing. For example, if you were selling furniture then buying a few domain names for chairs, tables and desks is a great idea, buying generic ones that have no value or relevance to what you do is not so best web hosting.

Hosting – Having a domain redirected to another website does not mean you have a “website” earning ranking. If you have a domain name it must be hosted and actually have content on the site to actually be indexed and be treated as a website. Having hundreds of domain names means nothing to a search engine, they have to be hosted and have some sort of content to be ranked and therefore help you to rank with other sites as well.

Holding Pages – If you have 30 domain names then if you can afford to it is a good idea to get them hosted and have a holding page for each, even if it gives you a chance to start working on them over the next few years. Domain name history and site history is a big factor in ranking placements, so if you can get all of your domain names earning some kind of history then this will only benefit you in the future. You do not have to buy individual hosting for each if you have this many, consider buying a reseller account from a company like Heart Internet which only works out at about £35 a month for unlimited hosting, but do bear in mind they normally will have the same IP which will affect linking purposes.

Different Content – So many webmasters think that owning loads of domain names and simply replicating the content, or changing just a couple of words or page names will be good enough to give them “unique” ranking and everything will be ok. Any website you produce needs hard work, you need have completely unique content and all need to be fully optimised. Just owning lots of domain names doesn’t mean you will get great ranking for all of them; you must make sure you put hard work and effort into all of them.

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