Healthy Eating In Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be termed as a very heavenly feeling for any woman. You are in the process of creation. Therefore you should look good as well as feel good. Healthy pregnancy leads to the birth of a healthy baby. During this 9 months period of pregnancy, one should be taking very selective and healthy food. No junk food should be taken as it only creates problems and complications which we do not know until we face them Abnehmen am Bauch.

Now the question arises that what should we eat when we are pregnant? Well whatever one eats it should contain the basic nutrients. Water, milk, yogurt are all good its better to take low fat milk and yogurt. Lots of green vegetables should be made a part of your daily diet. Proteins are also another essential element of your diet. Fish, mutton, and chicken are some good choices. Red meat is not that healthy as it increases the risk of high cholesterol and fat in your body. Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided during pregnancy as its not at all good for you and for your unborn baby.

Pregnancy demands care and tender handling. The more you will look after yourself the more you will stay away from diseases and complications. A pregnant woman should have small portions of food and do not eat in large meals. As when you eat a lot you will experience heart burn and uncomfortable feeling. So make your meals small and there is no harm in eating as many times as you feel like eating. There is no restriction as when to eat and when not to eat. So better make a plan for your meals. A perfect eating routine is composed of four to five meal times. First early in the morning, at this time you can take a warm cup of milk and with it you can eat 1 or 2 oatmeal crackers. And if you are not feeling like drinking milk then you can make your self a nice cup of green tea. It will not only make you feel fresh but it will also help you in preventing morning sickness.

At breakfast time a medium bowl of porridge is an excellent choice, or you can have a vegetable omelet with brown bread and a glass of fresh juice of your choice. Tea is not that good option as it causes heartburn and headaches. So it’s better to avoid it, but once a day you can drink a cup of tea. At lunch time grilled chicken breast, boiled green vegetables, brown bread, pasta, mutton, backed fish, boiled beans, rice, lentil soup are all healthy options. Same is for dinner time. The key thing is that whatever you should eat it must have some healthy nutrient value. Lots of spices, oily food and high cholesterol drinks should be kept at a distance. Drink plenty of fresh water as it will help you flush your system properly, and help you not to have any constipation.

It is said that you need not to put on extra weight during the first 6 months of your pregnancy as whatever you will eat will only goes to your body and after 6 months whatever you will eat directly help your baby to put on weight and you will also notice a prominent change in your weight after 6 months. So it is advised to eat healthy and sensibly. Do no take fatty foods as once you put on weight it will be very difficult for you to reduce after pregnancy. So to keep your self fit and good looking eat cautiously and sensibly. It is better to get more advice from your health nutritionist.

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