PlayStation Move – The Best PS3 Games For Christmas 2010

Have you seen the new PlayStation Move controller system? If you haven’t then I have got to ask you were in the world you have been hiding, because there can be no doubt at all that the Move controller is the big story for PS3 gamers this Christmas 2010. Just in case you have managed to miss all of the advertising and the hype and the people talking about it I will start off by writing a little bit about what the Move actually is.

As I already stated the Move is a new controller for the PS3. But it is not an ordinary controller with a joypad and buttons, it is like a magic wand that you can hold on to and move around, and the movements that you make with it are converted into the movements of a character or actions that you are performing within a game. So you can swing it to swing a tennis racket in a game, hold onto it and punch to play a boxing game, and perform a myriad of other physical actions. For Christmas 2010 the PlayStation Move is going head to head with another new system from Microsoft called the Kinect, which is also a physical gaming controller and both of which are seeking to take on the territory previously occupied securely by the Nintendo Wii 메이저사이트.

So what are the best games to buy that you can play using this new system, and are they going to be the best games for Christmas 2010? Well, there are certain types of games which work very well with a system like this, and others which do not work so well or are not available at all.

Fun family games, and particular packaged where you get a collection of mini-games on one disk, are a big market for the Move. If you are looking for something for the whole family to play together while you are all in the house over the Christmas period these are a good choice. Sports games are another big area for it, and one of the main bundles that are being promoted is for the Move controller and the Sports Champions game, which includes volleyball, archery and various other sports. Sharp shooter games and racing games are also likely to work very well with the new system, especially if you get attachments to clip the Move into a plastic gun or steering wheel.

But many of the big titles will not support this system. If you like open world, adventure and role playing games then the Move may not be a good choice for you. Also shooting games which involve stealth and strategy and lots of equipment rather than just straight sharp shooting, like Call of Duty: Black Ops which is set to be the best selling PS3 game over the 2010 Christmas shopping season, are not suitable for using with the new controller which really work best with more simple games with a smaller range of possible actions.

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