Top 5 Must-Know Tips For Luxury Travel in Phuket

Known as the Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket is Thailand’s most famous island, as well as being one of its most stunningly beautiful. Seemingly endless stretches of white sandy beaches, mysterious limestone karsts rising from clear blue waters, dramatic sunset views – whatever you imagined a lush tropical island to look like, this is it.

For the luxury traveller, Phuket offers the best of many worlds: dream-like natural beauty, hidden sanctuaries of peace and relaxation, nights out on the town, and all of the upscale comforts which a Phuket luxury resort can offer. To stay in style at a Phuket luxury resort is about more than the room, though – there are many other things to consider. While planning your stay at your Phuket resort, here are the top five insider tips to keep in mind 레플리카.

5. Getting to Phuket is easier than ever: When you look out your airplane window while soaring over the island, Phuket might look like an isolated and idyllic paradise. While it still retains that feeling of isolation, though, Phuket is now more accessible than ever. The many daily flights from Bangkok and Singapore are just the beginning, with the airport hosting direct flights from Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Australia, among many other destinations in South East Asia. Your Phuket resort can help you figure out which is the best way to get to Phuket.

4. Shop til you drop: Feeling the urge to splurge? Not far from your Phuket luxury resort are sure to be some great shopping opportunities. While it is easy to get lost in a maze of cheap souvenirs by Patong beach, there are great and unique finds to be had if the luxury traveller knows where to look. For instance, the up-market Surin Plaza mini-mall contains a variety of shops that specialize in charming knick-knacks and well-designed crafts, such as the boutique Galleria Aleenta. Ask your Phuket resort for more suggestions.

3. Get your spa on: Getting tired of lazing under your private umbrella while sipping on a pineapple shake? Well, even if you’re not, the lure of the spa might still drag you away for some luxurious pampering. Try the famous Thai massage or a body wrap of seaweed. Whatever kind of treatment you decide to try, you’re sure to find the rest and relaxation you’re looking for in between your other Phuket activities.

2. Why go in a group when you can go private?: As part of its reputation as an international hot spot for the world’s luxury travellers, Phuket has developed a thriving industry of private and chartered expeditions by land, sea, or sky. Soar over the Andaman in a private sea-plane to a deserted beach for a picnic, or spend a couple of days island-hopping around Phang Nga Bay in your chartered yacht. Though it might be hard to leave your Phuket luxury resort, one of these exclusive excursions is sure to tempt even the most dedicated beach bum.

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