MoreNiche Affiliate Program – 4 Months Review

It seems more and more people are talking about MoreNiche nowadays in DigitalPoint, SitePoint and many other webmasters forums. So I would like to publish my little review on it after being in the program since 4 months.

The most important thing you may want to know is, does it really pay? You don’t need to worry about MoreNiche’s payment Bandar Q. Every MN’s affiliate who has ever got paid will tell you, “Yes, they pay on time, and every time.” I have been paid once per check (cuz I was lazy and only made one sale within these 4 months.), it’s a pitty that I forgot to take a picture of it.

There are several kinds of niches from MN. Weight Loss products, Webmaster Tools, Men’s Health Products, and not long ago MN has introduced Online Casinos into it. The lowest commission is $40 per sale. You can make up to $160 per sale by Weight Loss product, $175 per sale by Men’s Health products, $200 per sale by Online Casinos, and even up to $300 per sale by Webmaster Tools. According to my knowledge and what some of my friends has told me, Men’s Health and Weight Loss might be the two best sellers of MN.

The minimal payout limit is $100. Once you’ve got more than $100 on your account balance, you will then be paid after 30 days. Payment methods are currently checks and epassporte. It is said that Paypal and Moneybookers will be added, I’m still waiting for this. As for me, cash in a USD check in Germany cost a 12 Euro fee.

Currently MN offers a $45 bonus upon signups. However, this bonus is not the same “easy money” of WidgetBucks, you have to do your homework if you want to get it. You need to upload your website, and post at least 10 posts in MN’s forum to get your bonus. That’s the best thing of MN I like, they always want their affiliates to learn before taking actions. You will find a lot of guides in PDF form in your webmaster area.

The most important thing I have to mention here is, MoreNiche has a great support team and private forum. You can turn to MN support team per MSN, ICQ or Email whenever you got a problem, no matter if the problem is regarding MN’s products, or website design related issues. In MN’s webmaster area, you can also request a custom design for your new website. The MN forum is really great as well. I guess you would never find out a similar forum elsewhere. Many experienced webmasters keep on posting in the forum, answering questions from newbies, helping others without asking for return.

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