Buy Custom Jeans Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

Jeans should be a staple item in all men’s wardrobes. You should own at least three or four pairs of high quality jeans, these jeans must be perfect for you too. If you do not know what to look for from your jeans, how to choose colours that jeans pants flatter your complexion, how to choose styles that flatter your physique, or how to choose the right material, then you have come to the right place. Read on for your crash course in all things jeans.

There are several standard colours, and the manufacturing process generally determines these. In jeans fashion, rather than colour, we talk of wash. In other words, it is the treatment they undergo during manufacturing that determines what they look like. All jeans are dyed, and then the way in which the excess dye is removed determines the shade of the jeans and how the dye patterns.

Raw Denim
These jeans are dyed, but do not go through a final rinse, these jeans are great for people who wish to create a unique look, as it will be the home washing that determines the final look. Most fashion lovers prefer raw denim, although they can cost a little more.

Dirty Wash
These jeans are intended to create an authentic, distressed denim, sort of look. All the cool people love them because they look laid back, relaxed, and sexy. Nudie jeans do a fantastic range of jeans in a dirty wash, for those of you who are interested.

There are many other types of wash, but these two are our favourite, and tend to be favoured by fashion lovers. You are probably familiar with many of the other washes, such as stone wash, acid wash, and vintage wash, so we will not cover those here.

This is the most important aspect of any of your clothing and something that men tend to overlook, ignore, or feel uncomfortable wearing, but correct fit is essential. Choosing clothes that fit well will give you the best possible outfit. Many men, particularly those who are overweight or skinny believe that they create the best outfits wearing baggy clothes, but this is a huge error and simply draws attention to the very thing you are trying to conceal.

As a rule of thumb, the material should fit about three-quarters of a centimetre away from the skin. If you do feel you need to balance out heavy shoulders or tummy, then opt for a slim fitting pair of boot cut or flared jeans. Nudie jeans have a great range of slimming jeans, perfect for men of all shapes and sizes.

If you do feel overweight then choose dark clothing as these have a slimming effect. If you feel as though you are too skinny, then wear lighter coloured clothing, as these will make you appear wider.

In terms of the kind of rise you should wear, this depends on several factors. Firstly, if you are a little chubby, then you will want to avoid a low-rise waist, as these will feel uncomfortable – for men who do opt for this style, wear an appropriate top, and avoid showing any flesh. If you are large, then opting for a high-rise waist is ideal, these will conceal some your tummy and make you appear less stocky.

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