What Is Your Career Future With An Arts Degree?

There are two good reasons for taking an arts degree: because you are really interested in an arts subject for it own sake, and because much of the job làm bằng cấp 3market will be open to you once your have gained your degree. However, you will find that people have mixed views on the value of the arts. Many people think that all arts are not very useful because most of the art degree’s subject’s cannot fit into a specific type of job. So, what is your career future, if you are taking an art degree?

An art degree is considered an “open” degree which it suit for many career fields but it may not fit into a specific one. Unless you are really sure that you want to enter a “close” profession like medicine, architecture, accounting and law, then it is essential that you study for a direct degree with an appropriate qualification, else if you have no idea what you would like to do, then, you may want to choose an arts degree because you like the subject.

According to the annual survey of final year undergraduates conducted by Market Opinion Research International (MORI) shows that only three months away from their final examinations half still have not chosen their future career field. Hence, you are not alone if you are choosing an arts degree because you like the subject and defer the decision of your career field until you are close to your graduation. In fact, you could take a vocational postgraduate course after graduation from arts degree program if your arts degree is not relevant to the career you choose later.

Generally fewer employers specify arts degrees for their graduate vacancies except for positions such as teaching specialist, art & design and foreign languages. Although graduates with a science/technology degree have a slight advantage over arts graduates in the job market and they tend to find job more easily and have a somewhat higher starting salary. However, the difference may not so great when both degrees’ graduates move along their career path. Students with an arts degree tend to have better communication & presentation skills who can communicate lucidly, orally and in writing.

Many employers are looking for these types of skills in their hiring positions and an arts degree graduates are likely to be preferred and have a distinct advantages over the science/technology graduates. Good communication skills are vital in careers such as banking, business management, the civil service, local government and the armed forces. In these areas, graduates with an arts degree who have distinct communication skills would have advantages to get hired for the positions.

In actually fact, holding an arts degree won’t limit you to any career except for those “close” professions that required specific degree because many graduates enter careers which have nothing to do with the subjects they have studied. Many of them even end up in jobs which have nothing to do with their degree subject. They get hired by the employers because of their skills and experience they acquired while studying for arts degree which are important to the employers.

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