Tips for Successful Blogging

A blog by its very nature is a social, interactive medium and most home businesses that want to make money from any kind of internet marketing have discovered this. Indeed, there are people out there who make high six and seven figure incomes from blogging and these people learned the techniques to successful blogging early on. It all boils down to treating your readers with respect, and giving them what they want.

About once a week I unsubscribe from annoying emails that I receive. I will give people a chance, but if they can’t give me some useful information or lead me through to it with a link, sorry, I’m not interested. If I get an email a day trying to sell me something they are first to go Sherry Dyson. Some emails I don’t get on a regular basis, sometimes I have forgotten why I subscribed, but basically I think the person that’s sending the email is not terrible interested, so goodbye to those too.

The same applies to blogs. If I am not getting regular, interesting and helpful information pertaining to my business, I will unsubscribe. With a blog you can do just about anything once you are getting a good supply of traffic every day. If you’re stuck for content, why not ask your readers what they want? A blog is a two-way street, and you have to keep your readers interested, or else they will go somewhere else.

The headlines you use on your blog should not only satisfy the search engines by using good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but they should also entice your readers to read on. If you are using a WordPress Blog, along with ‘All in One SEO’ (a WordPress plugin), you will see that you have plenty of room to write something catchy and interesting, so instead of a heading that says “How I Lost Weight”, you could say something like “How I lost Weight and Nearly Lost my Husband”. It’s just a bit more enticing and will pique your reader’s curiosity.

You can be a little controversial on your site especially if you can combine something relevant to your niche that’s in the news right now. With the recent Caylee Anthony case, if you had a blog about raising children, it would be easy to get dozens of comments if you simply ran an article titled “The Anthony Case: What do You Think about the Verdict?” Or something like that. More people to your site can only help you as a marketer. Just keep your opinion out of it as much as possible and stay neutral in any heated discussion, or you may upset some subscribers and lose them.

People are creatures of habit, and if you don’t keep your blog updated on a regular basis, they will go elsewhere. The nice thing about a blog is you don’t have to write more than 300 words to have a respectable post, and once you can do that, just get into the habit of writing every day. You can always write 7 posts at once and schedule them with WordPress, one per day.

Seek out blogs that you like and take notes. Why do you personally like this blog? Is it the layout, the content, or the fact that many people participate and leave comments, or a combination of all three?

That’s another great thing about WordPress, if you decide you don’t like the layout, you can change it, thus sparking another round of comments, some will like it and others won’t. Just keep an eye on your affiliate revenue and if it goes up after you change the site, then your new design is obviously a winner!

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