How to Bring Thousands of New Subscribers to Your Site Within Two Weeks With Your Blog

These days when most web site owners hear the word “blog”, their ears perk up and dollar signs appear in their eyes They believe that this is the most important feature for their site and will draw in thousands of new viewers and subscribers to their web pages on a daily basis no matter what kind of content their blog will contain.

I’d like to set the record straight on this myth. Just because you’ve spent 3 hours a day every day last week on writing your blog on the latest celebrity break-ups, you think that soon you’ll be reaping the rewards of a million click-throughs by next month. Wrong! People with celebrity sites that do rank way up in the search engine ranks, such as, have been working and tinkering with their sites for years, developing just the right tone and attitude that they need to draw in their vast audience hungering for juicy gossip.

They’ve also been on TV shows and radio shows spreading the word about their gossip sites to media celebrities like Howard Stern and Bill O’Reilly. Unless you have the greatest PR team in the world behind you, this is not going to work for you.

I’m going to go over all the topics you SHOULD NOT be writing about first to show you how to stand out from the crowded fields of topics that most readers are too loyal to break away from, and instead try to help you find a niche that will generate the traffic to your site that you need.

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