Study Confirms Nearly Half of Brides Use ‘Selfies’ As First Wedding Photos

Vancouver, British Columbia – What would brides say is their most important accessory on wedding day? Some might say their hair or even how their makeup is done dorian rossini. According to a survey called ‘Smile Ever After,’ 92 percent of brides rank their smile as tops on the list.

That ties into another eye-opening conclusion that was calculated from the results. The Wakefield Research survey found that nearly 40 percent of brides posted (or will post) a selfie to their social media websites as their first official wedding day photo. Considering that selfies tend to be close, detailed shots of the person’s face, it makes sense for brides and bride-to-be’s to feel confident about their teeth.

But what if you have crooked teeth or other orthodontic issues that need to be addressed prior to your wedding day? You’d like to avoid having to wear braces for an extended period of time, but you also want to accomplish your goal of having attractive, straight teeth. Simply put, Invisalign may be your best option. Those who wear Invisalign are provided with sets of clear aligners that have been specifically created to position your teeth into their ideal spots.

Since the aligners complete most of the orthodontic work by themselves, patients have a minimal amount of appointments that they need to make. This is perfect for brides because they can worry less about how their teeth look and turn their attention toward making their wedding day special.

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