Surrogate EFT For Tom Cat

Surrogate tapping may seem strange at first. And the thought of tapping itself may seem strange in the first place! But if it works, surely that is all that matters.

I recently presented an EFT workshop where we had a lovely experience with surrogate tapping. I was explaining the wonders of EFT and its many varied uses. I explained that you can surrogate tap on your body for a child or animal, and illustrated with the story of Pookie the cat who used to always overeat and was helped with distance tapping. One attendee, Cathryn, said that this is exactly what her cat did, and can we tap for him.

Cathryn explained that Tom Cat was a stray that she fed her cats’ leftovers to over the years. After some years, the opportunity came to adopt him and take him on properly. He got taken to the vets, had everything taken care of, and given a good home. He had everything he wanted, but after having his food, he would always ask Cathryn for seconds Cat Palm Care. And Cathryn lovingly obliged. He was wormed twice but still always ate all his food and asked for more. Not only was this becoming expensive, but he was also becoming rather rotund.

I explained to Cathryn that this is probably because Tom Cat needed to eat as much as he could fit in his belly when he was living in the wild. I said that he was probably still feeling deprived and trying to stuff as much food in as possible, even though food was plentiful in his new home. Cathryn stated that he ate too much, so I used her wording to start with as we all tapped together as follows using the Basic Recipe with the addition of the Top of Head point.

This is something that I feel very strongly about. I never really knew how bad some of the dogs in shelters had it until I picked up my sweet puppy a couple of months ago. I went to the animal shelter in town intending on getting a female, yellow lab. They didn’t have any at the shelter but they did have this little, shy boy lab. I said I’ll just hold him for a little bit… as soon as I picked him up he latched onto me for dear life like he was saying, “please help! don’t leave me here!”. I looked into his eyes and knew I just couldn’t leave him. I’m getting a little teary eyed just thinking about it… must be those darn pregnancy hormones =)

The first night we had Zozo, we tried to crate train him at night. This puppy was four months old and definitely nowhere close to being potty trained. I woke up in the morning to find this poor puppy COVERED in diarhhea… the entire crate was full of it… it was EVERYWHERE… I was thinking oh boy… what did we get ourselves into??

The poor puppy was really sick. Not just the diarhhea… his breathing was severely labored. He was struggling for every breath… it just broke my heart to watch him. I called the vet and they said they wouldn’t be able to see him until next week… it was Wednesday that day. I thought OK… that’s the best they can do I’ll have to wait until next week I guess. He got worse… and it really started to scare me! I didn’t want to go to bed at night and leave him by himself in case he didn’t wake up =( I called the vet again on Thursday and said there’s no way I can wait all weekend can I please come in as soon as possible. They said they would squeeze me in before all of their appointments on Friday morning so they could see Zozo.

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