The Game Of Monopoly Can Make You A Millionaire

Only one game in recorded history could boast an impressive track record. This game is being played on every continent, uniting the Earth with versions printed in 43 different languages at this very moment, but it’s not limited to being a land by any means. In fact a 96 pound version of this very game was created for underwater play in scuba gear.

If you thought that was extreme, try to wrap your head around a complete version of this game was cast in chocolate. I’ve never seen a chocolate version of Connect Four. The fact is every hour another army of converts will have joined the over 1 billion players from around the globe who have played this extraordinary game since its creation over sixty years ago. Every four years the world comes together for its own Olympic sized event Hosted by Uncle Penny Bags himself. The game we are talking about is Monopoly.

Its name is a self fulfilling prophecy, for it dominated the board game industry having been featured in countless special editions and sold over 300 million units. What made this game more than a game? What has made this a movement? Why is it beloved by both the blue chips and blue collars alike? It’s because this one game teaches the players so many success and financial principles.

Not everyone likes this game, though. When Fidel Castro took power over Cuba, he ordered all Monopoly sets destroyed. Even with his and other F95zone bans on this amazing game, over 5,820,000,000 little green houses have been cast since 1935. Regardless of how impressive that sounds, it is the one board game my wife won’t ever play with me. She says it turns me into a monster. What does that mean for my two girls, whom I want to teach the game of Monopoly in their formative years?

This one game has been endorsed by some influential men and women who credit a great deal of success to its game play. Turning into Mr. Hyde might just be my cross to bear but, Monopoly can turn you into a mogul. These are some of the benefits you gain from this timeless game.

• Manage Relationships – You will learn that while you are in competition with the other players, you all need each other. This is true in life, too. You must enter the game putting your best foot forward, even to your sworn enemies and antagonist at the table. They may have something you will need to complete your empire. Do your best to make everyone happy with you. It will pay off at trading time.

• Negotiations – I hope you understand that Monopoly is “The property trading game.” You HAVE TO TRADE to move the game forward. Making sure the deals you make only suit you, will hurt you in the long run. When I say that, I mean well after the game is over. Bad deals leave an awful stench that takes even years to get rid of. Save yourself the bad reputation and make deals that everyone can appreciate.

• Barters – When you want a special property, you will have to exchange it for something of equal worth to your opponent. It takes creativity to know how to add a combination of money, properties, or even favors like immunity from rent for 3 turns, to make an even trade.

• Improvements – You will learn very quickly that making improvements adds massive value to your assets. When you put a hotel on New York Avenue, for example, the rent jumps from $16 to $1000. This also applies to real life. Making the right improvements to yourself can drive your own value through the roof.

• Risk & Reward – When the game begins, you have a choice to make. Either you will play it safe and buy every third property you land on to keep your cash reserves in-tact, or you’re going to “ride on fumes” snatching up every property you land on for a better bargaining position in the game. You will learn a true life principle: no risk no reward.

• Networking – Sometimes you have that one person that hates your guts so much that they will trade with anyone else but you. First of all, don’t take it personal. Monopoly has a way of bringing out the monster in most people. You have to use your other opponents like extensions of your network. Make a trade with them contingent on them getting the property from your enemy or make a creative deal that puts them in a position of power over your antagonist.

• Money – Where else can a 9 year old handle $10,000+? For some of us, this game gave us the first experience of managing large amounts of money. The hands on lessons learned will help to shape the financial mindset of generations to come.

• Dream – I credit Monopoly with creating a dream for financial success in my life. I’m telling you, when you are watching people land on your properties and you are just taking donations all around the board, dopamine floods your frontal lobe and your hypothalamus crystallizes this moment as a life-long goal. You seem to dream more when you are winning, or so I have concluded. Nobody wants to remember a “beat down.”

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