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CompTIA (Computer Technology Industry Association) developed the A+ certification to validate the knowledge skills of Computer service technicians.

To achieve the A+ Certification you must pass the:

o The Essential Exams covering fundamental computer concepts.

AND any one of

o IT Technician

o Remote Support Technician


o Depot Technician Exams



Identifying Personal Computer Components

You will learn here how to locate identify the following essential components of a computer system: Processors, memory, motherboards, visual display devices, ports & cables, cooling systems, input devices and adapter cards.

1. Motherboards

The motherboard also known System board or sometimes Planar board is the backbone of the computer. It is the most important component in a computer. The Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM) slots, expansion slots etc are all attached to the motherboard.

Classification of Motherboard

There are two classifications of motherboard:

o Integrated and Non-integrated System Board – Nonintegrated system board has the major components sitting on an expansion cards while pg the integrated system board has the components built into the motherboard circuitry.

o Classification according to form factors- Advanced Technology Extended (ATX), micro ATX, Balanced Technology Extended (BTX), or New Low-profile Extended (NLX). The processor and memory slots are at right angle to the expansion cards in ATX motherboard. Micro ATX motherboards can be installed in standard ATX cases as well as small cases. NLX motherboard puts the expansion slots on a riser card such that expansion slots are parallel to the motherboard as opposed to the vertical orientation in the ATX form factor. BTX lines all the heat-emitting components of the motherboard between air intake vents.

We will now go to the Components that make a typical System board in our next lesson

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