How To Setup Your Own Email Address And DNS Zone With GoDaddy

In this article we will discuss about GoDaddy email and how to set up a free domain with GoDaddy. In fact, there are many reasons why someone might want to start an email server and one of the most common reasons is to use your email server for all of your business contacts and other organizational needs GoDaddy email login. So what exactly is godaddy email, how does it actually work, and why might one want to use it instead of another email service provider? Read on to find out!

A. Setting Up a Free Domain – If you already have a domain that you want to use as your main email address, all you need to do is to sign up to GoDaddy and then you can install a plug-in called “godaddy SSL certificate” onto your website. This will allow all incoming emails to be encrypted so that they are safe from being read by anyone else on the internet. This is just one of the many security measures that a well maintained email server such as godaddy offers its customers, so make sure that you are taking advantage of all that it has to offer.

B. Sign Up For a Basic Plan – Now if you are looking for a robust email server without signing up to a long-term plan with godaddy, you can easily do this by going with a basic plan with GoDaddy. With a basic plan you will get the basics such as unlimited local addresses and sub-domains, but you will not be able to build anything more advanced than that. This plan is good for individuals who want a basic online presence without worrying about the features of a commercial email account. It will also work perfectly for small businesses that only need a mail server for local use.

C. Add A Webmail App – The final piece of your GoDaddy email setup is to go with a web based email setup instead of an app. There are many different webmail services that are available, but none that are as secure or as feature rich as the ones provided by Google. If you were going to be using a free service like yahoo or hotmail, the possibility is that your addresses could be intercepted by other internet users. On the other hand, Google offers one of the most secure and reliable forms of email setups around. By going with a dedicated Google webmail account you will be able to setup your own secure email system where you can add various types of text messages, stickers, videos, and even files of any type to your account.

D. Create Your Own Control Center – One of the most important parts of your GoDaddy email setup is the control center page. This is where you will manage your account, enter your passwords, manage your forwarding, and much more. Since your control center needs to be accessible through a web browser, you may want to go ahead and get an iPad for yourself so that you can easily access it from anywhere. To set up your iPad’s control center simply login to your GoDaddy control center, find the add ons that you need, download them, and then select the “activate” button. You will then be able to enter your password and login to your iPad.

E. Create Your Own DNS zone – Even if you don’t use GoDaddy for your web hosting needs, you still should consider setting up your own DNS zone for your emails. Setting up a zone for your emails will allow you to control which server(s) your emails are going out on. If you’re not going to be using GoDaddy, or if you don’t want to bother with setting up a DNS zone on your own, you should definitely invest in a good DNS server(s). These systems will allow you to automatically kick all of your outbound emails into their servers so that they can be monitored. Not only will this save you time from having to manually go and change your email addresses, but it will also prevent spammers from infecting your email box.

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