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Before starting to use reverse cell phone look up service few basic rules must be known even if the service has been used in the past. The reverse phone look up service has some rules to follow. This is to protect them from any legal activity which follows after the collection of information.

If you are planning to be a member of a paid reverse cell phone look up service, you must know them well and what are their legal implications.

Following are the key points to be noted.

1. The details got through the reverse cell phone look up service should not be employed to harass or track somebody.

2. Anybody under 18 years should not be traced with the reverse cell phone look up service. Usually the cell phone companies do not give the minors name information xsignals but only the parents name will be enlisted in their company. If for any reason a minor whose address has been through the company and harassed then the company membership will be canceled and the person could be legally prosecuted.

3. The information and details gathered from reverse phone look up services should not be utilized to market any product or list of names and addresses collected and sold to a third party.

The reverse cell phone tracing service gives only the basic details about the person using the cell number and if the data is used for some other purposes then it is trouble some. Depending on the purpose for which the information is needed the service provider transfers information if only they think it is legal.

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