How To Prevent Hiring Overpriced Tattoo Designers

Having tattoos is a practice that started several centuries ago. Through time, its purposes varied from being a decorative addition to the body, to having them done for spiritual reasons, for identification, for cosmetic or medical reasons or for social purposes. Now, as tattooing becomes more popular and more accessible to the public, lots of new designs and innovations in this field are being introduced.

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You can now have tattoos done at a very affordable price. All you need to do is find a tattoo designer to create a design of your choice and a skilled tattoo artist to ink that design on your body. However, you must be cautious and avoid overpriced designers home improvement. In the market today there are always some designers who tend to overcharge for their work.

You therefore need to be aware of how to identify overpriced tattoo designers. There are at least three effective ways on how you can accomplish this.

One way to do this effectively is to know the factors that dictate the price of a tattoo design. Most of the time, these factors include the design details, the time/ duration for the application of the tattoo, its size, complexity and intricacy of the design and the background of the designer.

It makes sense if complex designs cost more. Similarly, the amount of time and the effort therein, to apply the design may also result in a higher price. Larger tattoos need more clarity and are more expensive. Lastly, the background of the designer i.e. his experience, skill, knowledge and the rapport that he or she shares with the clients can also be a deciding factor. Sometimes a designer may charge more purely because of their reputation in the market.

Another way to save yourself from buying an overpriced design is to do some research on the prevailing rates of tattoo designs similar to the one that you intend to have. You can even compare the rates of designs that fall in the same category, but are created by different designers.

You would, of course, need to compare apples with apples, so make sure you make a comparison between designs that are of the same size and are equally complex. Most of the time, the size is the only major factor in assessing the price of a tattoo design. For example, the prices of small designs for your wrist, foot and ankle, range from $50 to $150. On the other hand, the prices of larger designs that cover your whole back, sleeve or leg, range from $500 to $2,000 each.

The third possible way to refrain from hiring an overpriced designers to look at several marketplaces for tattoo designs. For instance, there are tattoo design sites that have online marketplaces which provides you with a platform to have customized designs. On such sites, you can create online tattoo design contests where designers from across the globe participate and create for you the best design based on your tattoo ideas and preferences. Since they compete for prize money that is decided at the time of launching the contest, one gets a custom tattoo design at a relatively competitive price. This is all the more important because custom designs are otherwise very expensive when compared with the regular ones.

The first order of business is purchasing a lot. A truly custom home design is specifically designed for the lot it sits on. Please read EzineArticles online article “Buying a Lot to Get a Custom Home Designed” for what to consider. A survey will be needed before the custom home design can begin. If it is an older property there should be one in the closing documents.

Now there is some home design homework to do even before purchasing a lot. You have to know what you desire in the home and what the footage goal is to know what size the lot has to be.

This homework is the first step in the house design. No matter how talented the designer they are dependent on you for it to be a custom design with communication being the key. So do not be shy about providing whatever you have accumulated or generated whether it be pictures, notes, spreadsheets or anything else that helps present what you want. Whether you provide a lot of material or none at all though it is the designers responsibility to discuss anything relevant to the project.

The initial design conference meeting(s) will be to completely define your dream home.

The footage will determine the cost more than anything else and should be the first consideration. How many stories and what exterior style and finish material needs to be defined. Each room should be discussed to determine the size, raised ceilings, flooring or any other features. The first factor in determining room locations is what view they will have. If there is a stunning rear view only so many rooms can take advantage of then these rooms need to be defined. A stairs if any often has expectations that go with it whether it is the railing, finish or location. If it is viewed as more of a functional need then a location requiring less expense in finishing than a foyer might be considered. Will the house be open concept so that the family room, breakfast and kitchen are open to each other. All aspects of the kitchen should be defined. Especially if there will be an island and all appliances and their locations. It is often helpful to know what the current kitchen cabinet footage is to ensure equal or greater cabinet footage. Does there need to be a private desk area off the kitchen for paying bills. Would a backpack, hobby or sports storage area with cabinets off the garage be helpful. All features of the utility room including a built in ironing board need to be considered. If there is a pool does there need to be a pool bath or can the powder room be located near the rear. Is the master bath to be more functional or luxurious or something in between. How many bathrooms. Will there be a game room, study, hobby room or other rooms not considered a given. Are art niches or ledges desired. This is a minimum necessary to start a design drawing.

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