Biology Research Topics

Biology students will agree that there are many areas of biology that can be studied. This can make it difficult to manage research. The best way to limit the scope of your research and make it more efficient is to choose the right topic for your paper You will need to have the right knowledge and skills to choose a topic. We decided to help you by choosing a variety of topics that will make biology research interesting and easy to write. There is an alternative to stress: delegating the topic or entire paper to a professional writing service that can provide biology homework help. This is a trusted task support platform that can offer guarantees on all biology research assignments as well as help in other disciplines.

Here are some of the top biology research topics that you can use in your papers. To make navigation easier and quicker, we have divided them into sections that focus on different biology areas. We have also prepared an additional section that includes a selection of top biology research paper topics.
Environmental and Ecology Biology Research Topics

This branch of biology studies sustainability, global warming, air pollution, and the effects of human behavior on our planet.

The impact of eco sustainability on global economic growth

Ecology and aging peculiarities

Environment and plant ecology

Environment and Resources: Modern Ecology Issues

Use of plants for environmental assessment.

New ecology threats

Questions about the marine environment

Environment and air pollution

Sustainability is a way of life.

Concept of environmental sustainability.

The effects of global pollution on humans

How is continuous air pollution affecting the animal world?

Heavy metal pollution and its consequences:
Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

The evolutionary biology branch offers some solutions as all living organisms change and the planet’s life span is flexible. This science area includes genetics, ecology, paleontology, and paleontology.

Tinbergen’s four questions.

The phenomenon of cancer persistence.

The mechanism of specialization.

Inflicting diseases through selective sweeps

Genetic drift is a result.

History has witnessed the evolution of aging.

Different populations have different levels of the alcohol dehydrogenase genes.

Why is humanity divided into different races?

What does society do to influence the evolution process?

The evolution of stamina.

Endotherms and other ectotherms evolved from the evolutionary process.

What does the psychology of animals have to do with their geographic range?
Topics in Immune System Biology Research

Research in the immune system is a vast area that deserves its own section.
Autoimmunity research.

Allergies and the immune system

Immune system and asthma.

Tolerance to certain allergens.

What does stress do to our immunity?

Is vaccination a way to increase immunity?

How can a weak immune system cause disease?

The health benefits of vaccination

Possible issues in transplantation and immunology

People from different races have different resistance capabilities.

The function of immune system agents in humans.

Immunotherapy effectiveness.

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