How to Find the Right Cruise Ship For You

Finding the right a cruise ship is not easy.

How can you possibly choose a cruise ship if you have never been on a ship before? We felt the same way when we took our first cruise as well. So, here I am providing you with a list of things you should look for and ask. Knowing the right benefits to look for can help you eliminate a great deal of cruises right off the bat!

Here are some things you want to consider…

Your Budget

It is important to determine how much you are willing to spend and keep that in mind while you are looking for a cruise. Do you want an all inclusive cruise? Do you have the money to spend on extras such as shore excursions, spa services, and drinks? Before you choose any cruise ship, you want to find out the total cost. This means the cost of the cruise itself, tips, and any other extras that you might enjoy.

Cruise Length

Of course, this is ultimately important. Most cruises range four, seven, or eleven days. However, you can find shorter or lengthier cruises as well. You will want to determine how long you can stay at sea and en route to ports. Keep in mind that the shorter the cruise, the more likely that you will be with a younger group of cruisers. This may or may not be what you want!

Where Do You Want to Go?

This should be especially important. You want to visit places that interest you, therefore, find a cruise that stops at ports of interest for you and your group. On the Caribbean map page, I have a few ideas about the different areas of the Caribbean that you will want to check out.

Where is the Port?

If you don’t like to fly then you will want to get on at a port closer to where to live. I live in Florida so I can just drive a couple of hours to the port. You may not have that luxury! Keep this in mind when choosing a cruise ship as well.

Room or Cabin Arrangements

Many cruise ships offer different types of cabins, some are cheaper than others, and at the same time, some are worse than others! It is important to look at the accommodations provided on the ship and choose your cabins accordingly. I prefer a balcony room but it costs more money. You may not care too much about where the room is located. You certainly won’t be spending a lot of time in it!

Dress Requirements

You generally have choices when it comes to cruise ships. Some cruise liners are more “dressed up” types of cruises, while others offer a more casual 集運價錢 setting. Find a cruise ship based what you are most comfortable with. Some cruiser may prefer a more formal atmosphere. I like it to be more casual. After all, I’m on vacation!

Wanted Amenities

Now that you have the important stuff out of the way, you can think about the extras. Think about what may be important or necessary for you to have fun. Do you want a cruise ship that offers a casino? How about facilities for the kids? Maybe a spa center is important to you? Look for perks that you will enjoy the most.

You have a great deal of cruise lines to choose from and each one is different that the other. It is important to do your homework, investigate the possibilities, and choose the cruise line that best appeals to your needs and wants.

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