Solid State Drives: A Fast Solution to Slow Computers

Having recently come out in the later part of the 2000 – 2010 period, Solid State Drives have provided a new way to store date and files within personal computers ssd drives for sale uk. They mainly started appearing in laptops during this time wherein noise cancellation and usage on uneven surfaces were some of the user concerns that affected the popularity of the standard Hard Disk Drives (also known as HDD).

More popularly referred to as SSD, Solid State Drives differ from the usual disk drives in the way that data is stored. HDDs use a magnetic disk that is spun at high speeds and fed to a reader that finds the information stored within the disk; much similar to the way a phonograph works. SSDs are composed of a series of chips that are connected and powered. This can be roughly compared to several powerful flash drives put together in a larger device to hold large amounts of information.

A comparison between SSDs and HDDs shows a slight tip in favor of SSDs when it comes to performance and speed. There are a few characteristics about these non-spinning drives that make them a faster option:

Less Fragmenting – As compared to storing data in a specific location on a magnetic disk, SSDs host one large memory station wherein all files are placed. The computer no longer needs to move a mechanized reader over a spinning disk to find particular files. When more data is saved unto a magnetic disk, there is a higher tendency for the data to become cluttered. This feature is absent from SDDs which means it takes less time to open programs and access information.

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