How To Choose A Driver For Golf

In the minds of amateur golfers, the driver is the most important club in the bag. If so, learning how to choose a driver for golf would be important, right? Unfortunately with all the drivers out there, it’s not an easy task. Each brand whether it be Callaway, Titleist, Nike, Ping, or Taylormade, has multiple ones to choose from. So how can we make it easier to choose one that’s fitted to your swing mechanics and physical abilities?

For starters, you can read online reviews of the best driving clubs on the market. There are many review type sites, that have quite a bit of information to help 7.62×39 surplus ammo you narrow down your decision. Some of these sites have “user reviews” where golfers of all levels will test (demo) each one, and give you specific results usually related to how forgiving the club is; how far they hit it; and how accurate the driver was.

Most amateurs have “forgiving” at the top of their list as they know they don’t have good swing mechanics, so they need a driver that still goes a decent distance, and stays in play. The biggest change in equipment to allow for forgiveness is the size of the clubhead. Or more specific, the clubface. They are huge. This gives you a greater amount of area on the club to hit it and still have it go fairly straight. If you looked at the old, persimmon clubs, they were made of wood, and their clubface was about the size of a current 5 wood, or maybe even hybrid.

Once you’ve gotten enough information on the reviews sites, you are now armed with enough ammo to go to your local golf store, and try some of them out. What I mean is hit them. Most of the newer stores have digital machines to give you numbers like spin rate, ball speed, launch angle and club speed. If you go to a PGA Superstore, they have the visual screens you hit in to, to see the ball flight. This is not super accurate, but based on sidespin, can tell you what club you are hitting better.

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