How to Choose an Online Tax Filing Service – See If You Qualify to File Your Federal Tax Return Free

It’s frustrating at times to face the reality that the United States government takes what can be a significant percentage of your hard-earned money in the form of taxes. Then add the stress of having to pay a fee to file your federal tax return, in addition to the cost of paying your accountant or tax professional to prepare your return. Read on and learn how to find out if you qualify to file your federal tax return free.

There are many websites that offer the ability to file your federal tax return free or at a minimal cost. It would be simple to simply go online and choose the first website that offers an online tax filing service. But before you make a selection, it would be worth your time to evaluate your online tax filing service against a set of criteria to be sure you’re dealing with a qualified vendor.

Choose a website that offers a free online tax estimator. This tool will allow you to estimate how much you’ll owe prior to filing your actual taxes. The extra time allows you the opportunity to investigate other tax deductions you might be eligible for or save enough money to pay the taxes that you’ll owe. Even if you’re expecting a refund, being able to plan ahead is an added bonus.

Select an online tax filing service that offers free resources on tax deductions and other pertinent tax information. So many Americans miss out on tax deductions that they simply weren’t aware of, particularly those who file their own taxes without the help of a tax professional. Tax filing sites that offer resources on current tax breaks and deductions offered by the government are a valuable resource that will help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Be sure the website you choose allows you to itemize your deductions. Some sites may have simplified software that isn’t equipped to handle the complexitychiptuning file service  of itemizing deductions. Being able to properly itemize your deductions allows you to maximize your tax savings by claiming every dollar you’ve donated or spent on business purposes.

Some authorized eFile providers offer the ability to file your federal tax return free. In order to take advantage of the most savings, it’s advisable to select a provider that allows the opportunity to file your federal tax return without paying a fee. In these difficult economic times, a free tax return could certainly come in handy.

If you’re self-employed, you’ll want to be sure the eFile service you select has the capability of reporting your self-employment income. Many self-employed professionals have multiple 1099s, and some tax filing sites prefer not to deal with the complexity involved in calculating self-employment taxes.

Even if you don’t need to utilize the variety of forms available for filing your federal and state tax returns, choosing an eFile provider that offers a comprehensive range of filing forms is a key indicator that you’re dealing with tax professionals who are experienced with all aspects of the tax filing process, and you can be confident that this resource will meet your needs.

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