Diabetic Cat Food – Buy the Best Dry Food For Cats With Diabetes

If you have a diabetic cat, you know how frustrating it can be to find the right diet. You don’t know the first thing about diabetic cat food, but you have to learn it now. If you are like me, you really love your pet, and when he or she is not feeling well or has health problems, it bothers you to no end – especially when you don’t know how to fix it.

Because of the processed food that we feed our cats these days, diabetes is growing rampantly. So veterinarians, nutritionists, and doctors have created diabetic cat food that is supposed to help control the insulin in your diabetic cat.

So which cat food is the best for your diabetic pet? Let’s look at some options now.

Royal Canin diabetic cat food is about the best dry food to help reduce the effects of diabetes in cats. The manufacturers went through years of intense research to give your diabetic cat a complete and wholesome diet. Royal Canin diabetic cat food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates which is of course the key to keeping your felines healthy and happy.

You can get a 5 pound bag of this dry diabetic cat food at a discount price of $19.99. This bag usually runs about $24.99. This food is veterinarian approved for your cats, but of course you will need a prescription to purchase it. The reason is that it is very powerful and intended only for cats with diabetes. This Royal Canin food will affect how your cat reacts to insulin, so you must be certain to keep an eye on your cat after beginning a diet with this food. But many reviews peg this Royal Canin diabetic cat food as the best dry food for your cats with diabetes.

Another option you have for diabetic food for your cat is veterinary approved Purina. I know from experience that Purina is very good food for your animal although they can be a bit expensive. This Purina food for cats with diabetes comes in dry and canned food, so you can purchase whatever your pet responds to better.

Purina cat food has additional benefits to controlling diabetes in your animal. It is also a source of omega fatty acids and has a ton of Vitamin E in it for your pet’s skin and fur. A prescription for this food is required as well, but it is well worth it as this Purina cat food is one of the best that you can purchase for your pet. The 6 pound bag of dry food will run you about $28.99.

Hills also offers diabetic food for your cat that you definitely want to take a look at. This Hills cat food is made for overweight cats (50% o the pet population is overweight) and offers insulin control. It does the two basic things all diabetic food for your animal should do – offers low carbohydrates and high protein. This is a necessity for controlling your pet’s metabolism and weight. Hills prescription food also controls glucose levels and maintains proper levels of insulin in your animal.

You will need a prescription to buy this diabetic cat food, so talk to your veterinarian. But it is one of the best options for an animal with diabetes, so I urge you to learn more about Hills now.

So here are some questions that many people that have cats may ask about diabetes. Let’s take a look at the answers.

Why do cats get diabetes?

Well, there are a lot of unknowns about this question, but there are also some knowns. One of the most critical factors is the cat’s diet. Because of the cat food cat food hk with high sugar content we feed our felines, we kind of push them down the diabetic hill. The diet along with being obese is a perfect match for diabetes. We feed them so much sugar every day that their body just can’t handle it.

What are signs of diabetes?

The primary sign that lets you know if your pet has diabetes is an increase in drinking and urinating. Many cats begin to lose weight dramatically, or begin to vomit and have diarrhea. If you have any concerns, see your veterinarian immediately. You are taking your cat for regular checkups, aren’t you?

Is a cat with diabetes doomed?

Absolutely not. Remember that diabetes in cats is a disease man has created by feeding them the wrong diet every single day. The effects of diabetes can be reduced or eliminated altogether by correcting their diet. This is where diabetic cat food comes in and why it is so important to keep your cat on a healthy diet.

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