The Micro Blogging World

Micro blogging is one of the minimized form of blogging that helps its user to post mini-blog contents through various ways like phones, web based software programs, and through by logging in the application website itself.

There are of micro blogging websites available in the social media world. If you are aware, Twitter rules the micro blogging world as of now.

They provide a platform for their users to interact and share micro blog messages or chats or pings. Its called as tweets in Twitter Those information are called “micro” because they are updated very often and are usually of short length. Say 140 to 160. As we see in our day to day like we chat and text our friends these websites are meant for users to keep their friends and contacts updated about what they are doing the moment. A typical tweet or post would be like “I’m on the way to my home.” Since lots of tools and mobile API are linked with these services its very easy for the user to update about his status to his friends and so called followers in Twitter. He/she would also know the status of the persons or contacts that he follows. All these micro blogging websites have grown to leaps and bounds these days as users are moving their direction towards these conventional blogging from traditional blogging that involved posting long messages and media in their hosted blogs. Even though blogging continues to be at the top, these blogging websites have made a significant impact to the social media world, the web 2.0.

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