Long Beach Airport – For Those Who Want to Avoid the Rush

For someone who is not happy with his past experience with LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) or Orange County Airport (SNA), and looking for some other airport nearby, Long Beach Airport is the best option. You may face inconveniences at LAX Los Angeles and SNA Orange County as both these airports remain very busy and sometimes it becomes difficult here, for one to get exactly what and when he wants. But the good news is that the Long each Airport is also there which is located between the airports of Orange County and LAX.

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The other name which is used for Long Beach Airport is “Daugherty Field”. In the past, this airport was called “Long Beach Municipal Airport”. This airport is an excellent alternative for LAX and SNA Orange County Airports as it is less crowded and almost all major airlines serve this airport. Long Beach Airport consists of 4 runways which are smaller than the runways of LAX and SNA Orange County Airports. It also has a long runway for Jets, which is about 10000 ft taxi Gent Zaventem. in length. Various Airlines which provide their services in this airport are Alaska Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Mesa Airlines, Horizon Airlines and others.

The transportation services offered by Long Beach Airport are excellent and provide quality service to the tourists. There are nine Taxiways in this airport and one can also hire Luxury cars offered by various service providers. For e.g. Limousines can be hired from Car Rental Companies like “South Coast Limousines”. While LAX and Orange County remain very busy and one may need to wait for long for the various transportation services offered by these airports, there is no such issue associated with Long Beach Airport (LGB).

Earlier, this airport was considered as a small airport and people usually preferred LAX and SNA Airports. The reason behind this was that the number of Commercial Flights is limited by strict ordinances of U.S. The number of commercial Flights is restricted to forty one to maintain lower levels of Airport Noise. But after the JetBlue Airways- which is comparatively inexpensive- started to provide its services at this airport in the year of 2001, the popularity of this airport has increased manifold. Along with this JetBlue Airways set up a West Coast Hub at Long Beach Airport, which helped in further increase of Air Traffic at this airport. With time, the Airport has advanced its services and has become popular with people.

Various Air Cargo Carriers like FedEx, UPS and others also operate from LGB. Nearly fifty seven thousand Tons of goods, is transported every year at this airport. Though, the number of commercial flights is limited at this airport, various Private Aviation and Chartered Flights etc. make use of this airport. So, if you are looking for an Airport which can serve as a good substitute for LAX and SNA Orange County Airports, then Long Beach Airport is an appropriate choice.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is located in Westchester neighborhood, which is 16 mile (26 km) from the downtown LA. This is one of the busiest airports in the United States, and 7th busiest airport in the world that serves direct flight to North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. In 2009, 59.5 million people used this airport.

If you are going to San Pedro from LAX then after landing in LA, you will need a good quality limousine transportation service that transfers to San Pedro (LAX airport car transportation to San Pedro to catch a cruise ship) without causing much fuss.

San Pedro is the port neighborhood of Los Angeles, and LAX is the nearest airport to the city. It is a major tourist destination of LA, and because of its physical proximity with Los Angeles, the city is bound to get many tourists including those who wish to spend good sum for a limo ride that transfers to San Pedro (LAX airport car transportation to San Pedro to catch a cruise ship) in style. Hence, there are many airport limo services to serve the city.

To reach the port city from Los Angeles International Airport, you will need to take San Diego Freeway (405) south to the Harbor Freeway(110), and from there you will have to move south on the Harbor Freeway to San Pedro.

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