Simple massage tips can be applied anytime

Are you concerned about your appearance? Did you have a moment when you woke and as you look in the mirror mumble “oh my god, my skin looks awful” and you pull, tug and rub your fingers over your face to bring some energy back into it. Do you feel that your skin is so worn out and worn-looking that the best way to appear attractive is to undergo major facial procedure?

If you wish to have healthy and youthful looking skin there are numerous ways you can attain this without costly products or specifically designed anti wrinkle creams and other facial products. It is possible to wake up your tired skin and lessen wrinkles by giving yourself a facial massage.

The body is very responsive to touch that is positive and loving. When you give yourself the massage of your face, you transmit an extremely powerful Masöz message to your brain and the end result is skin that looks more energetic, youthful and fresh.

If you’ve never experienced or had an e-facial, you are getting a reward.

Then shake hands with your partner, move through your arms, then lie down to go to the gym!

10 Simple Massage Tips to Youthful Looking Skin

The following 10 simple massage tips can be applied anytime during the day when you’re stressed and need to give yourself a quick pick me up. If you’ve got time, first thing in the morning is the perfect time to wake up and stimulate your skin, and in the evening, the gentle massage of your face can help to sooth and unwind before you sleep.

If you’re able, go ahead drinking a glass of warm water before sitting in a peaceful, comfortable place. If this isn’t an option you must turn off your computer and turn off your mobile. While you’re giving yourself a facial massage, focus on your breath. Breathe slow and deep throughout your massage.

  1. Relax and massage your palms for about 30 minutes. Spread your palms warmly over your face with your fingers on your forehead and the heels of your hands over your cheeks. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders then take a deep breathe in and slowly exhale. Repeat this 3 to five times. This will help you relax and clear your mind.
  2. Next. Slowly and gently pull your hands towards your ears and rest your finger tips on your temples. Place them just above and beneath the hairline. Breathe deeply with your mouth 3 to 5 times and relax your shoulders.
  3. Simply press your fingertips towards the point at the outside edge of your eye. With small circular movements gently massage the area creating 5-10 small circles both ways. This will relieve eye tension.
  4. Your fingers should be gently moved along the bridge of your nose. Be sure to breathe deeply when you do this.
  5. Open and close your mouth and make a long Ooh, Eeee, Uu sound. In small circles, gently rub your index and middle fingers across your jawline and around it. This strengthens your jaw and helps prevent wrinkles that may develop around your mouth.
  6. Utilizing the back of your fingers, stroke gently your chin and around your throat.
  7. By using your thumbs, knuckles and thumbs of your index finger, squeeze close to your bone along your jaw line to your ears – again it helps in strengthening your jaw muscles . It also firms and tones to prevent the saggy chin effect.
  8. Move slowly and wrap your fingers over your ears and massage your earlobes The exercise will help stimulate and revitalise you.
  9. Softly slide your fingers under your eyes and press lightly under your eyebrows.
  10. Finally, place an arm on the forehead and gently alternate stroking up your forehead starting from the bridge of your nose, to your hairline and on top of your head. Relax your eyes, and concentrate on taking a few deep breaths while doing this. Relax your hands on your lap and enjoy the feeling of peace and peace that wash over you. If you consistently practice these simple facial massage tips you will improve your complexion and, over time, have more youthful and more youthful looking skin. Most importantly, you’ll have an instant healthy glow and feel refreshed and relaxed.

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