The A to Z about bingo call board

The most important element of every online Bingo games is the call board. Like the scoreboards in football it assists players in keeping the track of the current events in the game. This “information station” of the game is always updated with every call – look for it if you are lost during the game or if you wish to confirm that you’ve marked all your called numbers.

The Board’s Design

These callboards, which are for 75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo have a similar appearance, however they are designed differently to accommodate the two different styles of playing.

Like the 75 Ball card the 75 Bingo board is five rows long. On the left-hand side of the board you will see the letters B-I-N-G-O descending. Each of these letters is affixed to a row with 15 numbers. In the “B” row, for instance, here you’ll find the numbers 1-15 listed in a sequential order. Below this “B” row is the “I” row, where the numbers from 16 to 30 are listed.

When you play 90 Ball Bingo The call board might look a bit different, but the basic idea is identical. There will be every 90 numbers listed. You can look for the call board’s specific section that is dedicated to those numbers that have been that are called. Depending on the platform you go to, the location of this section will be different.

Information Given by the Board

The call board is the place you can go to discover the exact numbers that have been called in the game. The board contains all Bingo numbers of 75 or 90.

Every time one of these numbers is called, that number displayed on the screen light up. The numbers are lit all through the game. You don’t have to depend on your memory of numbers that are called out You are able to simply look at the board for any doubts.

Another major benefit to the phone board is it creates a special section for the last five numbers called. Every time a new number is called it will shift down to show the most recent numbers. If you’ve been playing for a while, you can look at this list and see whether you could be a bingo winner Finally remember never gamble more than you are able to afford because bingo could become an expensive addiction if you don’t limit your expenditure.

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