Immune system, Stress, Herbal supplements and Exercise

The immune system is our guard against various diseases. Some studies have shown that people who often worry and are easily stressed out have a weaker immune system and may be more susceptible to infections than carefree folks that have been exposed to the same environment.

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There are actually some people who subjectively stated that they don’t respond to stress psychologically, but when were tested in the lab, show objective physical responses to stress including greater increases in fatigue, heart rate, blood pressure, and as a result, a decrease in immunity.

Interestingly, people who made it a habit to become Exipure. engaged in exercise activities immediately after they were exposed to stress, showed stronger resistance to stress. The resultant strengthening of the immune response has been best achieved when the choice of exercise was an aerobic exercise with resistance combined with massage, reflexology, and acupressure in one single system.

Also, another way to boost the immune system is the use of certain herbal supplements including Echinacea, American, Siberian and Korean Ginseng, and mushroom complex. A study, reported in the Journal of Surgical Oncology (1999), involving American Ginseng, also known as Panax quinquefolius, administered to patients undergoing treatments for breast cancer, discovered that American Ginseng enhanced the effects of chemotherapy and hormonal agents typically used to treat breast cancer.

The joint study between Israel Deaconess Medical center and Harvard Medical School found that the combination of chemotherapy and hormonal agents with the herbal immune boosting program remarkably increased the suppression of cancerous cell growth. In addition, the study provided documentation that using American Ginseng in combination with conventional treatments caused no ill effects.

Unfortunately, the herbal stimulants can be effectively used for a short term goal, while the right exercise therapy should be used for a long term.

In addition, exercise may not just boost your immune system and keep you physically fit, but mentally sharp as well.

A study of nearly 6, 000 elderly women published in the July 23, 2001 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that those women who exercised the most had the least amount of mental decline during the six to eight years that they were followed. The results of the study indicated that even moderate activity showed benefit. Of course, it is recommended to see your physician before starting any exercise activities.

And so, as medical studies continue to show, results offered in an aerobic exercise combined with massage, reflexology, and acupressure in one single system can be a valuable and important part of your health regimen.

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